"All people's strengths deserve to be recognised and nurtured."

Audir is about listening

Audir exists to help everyone in the workplace thrive by using their strengths and being supported to achieve their outcomes, however that may be.

For us, it’s not about the “label” a person may or may not have, it’s about the needs that they have in the workplace, their working style, and how people in the workplace can recognise and adapt to others’ diverse needs. There is no “forcing” a person to be what they are not!

EVERYONE is neurodiverse, that means, all our brains are wired differently and are impacted by life, history, our stories and our biology. No two people are the same, therefore in a workplace, a "one size fits all approach" is not going to work.

The Neurodiverse Workplace

Audir is about listening to leaders, managers and employees to develop thriving businesses that embrace the value of truly diverse cultures.


The Neurodiverse Individual

Audir works with individuals who recognise a need to further develop self-awareness, strategies and tools to thrive in the workplace, whether they are career starters, mid-career or seeking new career directions. 

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Audir comes from

a place of

inclusiveness, respect, appreciation

and understanding.