"All people's strengths deserve to be recognised and nurtured."

Audir is about tapping into all potential

At Audir,  we have a strong track record of supporting businesses of all sizes in developing their People capabilities. From the nuts and bolts of compliance, administration and systems; through to leading cultural transformation.


We are passionate about the role of neurodiversity in contemporary organisations and specialise in supporting those who understand the value of a broad range of thinking styles and perspectives.


We are driven to create organisational environments where neurodiversity is not just “included” but is understood,

valued, and effectively leveraged to optimise business outcomes.

With lived experience of neurodivergence, we recognise both the strengths that our neurokin bring, as well as the challenges that they face.  We listen to individuals and deliver coaching programs to support high performance in the workplace.


The Neurodiverse Workplace

Audir is about listening to leaders, managers and employees to develop high-performance businesses that embrace the value of truly diverse cultures.


The Neurodiverse Individual

Audir works with individuals who recognise a need to further develop self-awareness, strategies and tools to thrive in the workplace, whether they are career starters, mid-career or seeking new career directions. 

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Audir comes from

a place of

inclusiveness, respect, appreciation

and understanding.