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Audir - derived from the Latin word listen
At Audir, we work collaboratively with neurodivergent entrepreneurs to build strengths-based teams and design the strategies and tools that support their inclusive cultures. 


Audir delivers neurodiversity training at all levels of an organisation, including coaching neurodivergent employees and their managers to support effective business and individual outcomes.  Read More about Audir.

Audir was founded by Nicci Richman, a neurodivergent Organisational Development professional who is passionate about creating effective and inclusive work environments.   


Nicci brings her lived expertise to the workplace to increase understanding and appreciation of neurodivergent strengths, and the extraordinary value that neurodiversity adds to your business. Read More about Nicci.

"A true Diversity and Inclusion expert who has a passion for enhancing and embracing neurodivergent thinking - both in the workplace and our community."    Bill Armstrong, Hunter Diversity and Inclusion Collective.

Our Services

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Increase understanding of Neurodiversity throughout your workplace through a variety of training programs.

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Audir works with employees and their managers; individuals who recognise a need to further develop self-awareness; and career starters.

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Inclusive Design

Creating workplace communities which optimise performance, productivity and belonging.

Kind Words from Our Clients

Kristy Forbes - inTune Pathways

Nicci has not only highlighted areas of my business that could be more streamlined, she has assisted me with identifying so many ways to create and enhance the company culture we want: one that is grounded in positive neurodivergent identity and culture. Nicci has guided me in many ways to be able to truly support my team while taking care of myself and the business I am building. Can't recommend her enough.

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