Our Purpose

To build the next generation of workplaces where all people can thrive in their authenticity.

How do we do this?

Partnering with businesses and their employees with lived experience,  we co-design systems that embrace the value of neurodiversity in the workplace. We measure and celebrate Return On Investment for our clients.

Supporting individuals - we deliver individual and group coaching that reveals strengths, identifies job fit, develops strategies to support high performance, and builds confidence to self-advocate in the workplace.

Creating connections - we collaborate with values-aligned partners to provide welcoming and safe spaces for youth and adults to connect, learn, and know that they belong.

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Living Our Values


We are an "above the line" business. We take responsibility for our actions and deliver on our commitments with quality outcomes.


We listen to truly understand a person's experience and ensure that our response and actions connect with defined needs. We view all connections as opportunities for growth.


We bring our true selves to work and appreciate and celebrate our own and others' authenticity. Integrity and honesty are never compromised.


We use creative solutions to meet identified needs.  Fun, laughter and authentic connections are central to everything we do.