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Our Purpose: to build the next generation of workplaces where all people can thrive in their authenticity.

At Audir, we're passionate about the role of neurodiversity in the workplace and specialise in supporting those who appreciate the value of a broad range of thinking styles and perspectives.

We're driven to create environments where neurodiversity is understood, valued, and effectively leveraged to optimise business outcomes.

With lived experience of neurodivergence, we recognise both the strengths that our neurokin bring, as well as the challenges that they face.

We do this by:

Partnering with businesses we deliver neurodiversity education programs to co-design systems that embrace the value of neurodiversity in the workplace. 

Supporting individuals - we deliver individual and group coaching that reveals strengths, identifies job fit, develops strategies to support high performance, and builds confidence to self-advocate in the workplace.

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Audir means "to listen":

  • We listen to employers and individuals to understand strengths, challenges and needs.

  • We listen to those with lived experience - in the workplace, families, and the wider community.

  • We recognise our privilege in being able to speak up and advocate for change, and we understand the importance of learning from, and amplifying, the voices of those whose experiences differ from our own.


  • We know that Belonging is crucial to mental and physical health.

  • We care that those we connect with: clients, colleagues, collaborators, and community -  all feel heard, seen, and celebrated.

  • We collaborate with values-aligned partners to provide welcoming and safe spaces for youth and adults to connect, learn, and know that they belong.


  • We value the richness of diversity and seek to amplify the voices of those who are not often heard.

  • We recognise that we are continually learning and embrace the wisdom of those with lived experience.

  • We welcome the diversity and inclusion of all people irrespective of ethnicity, gender, age, faith, identity, sexual orientation, and gender identity or disability.

  • We are grateful to live and work on Awabakal land and recognise that sovereignty has never been ceded.


  • We bring our unmasked and true selves to our work -  this includes creativity, fun,  meaningful conversations, clear communication, fairness, equity, and compassion.

  • We seek authentic connections.

  • We support our clients to lead through example by being true to their unique personality, values and spirit.


  • We care about creating positive and sustainable change and are committed to our role in achieving the Global Goals to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030.

  • From the services we deliver and the causes we support to our choice of suppliers - we are committed to ethical and sustainable accountability.

Our Values

About Nicci

Nicci is a neurodivergent Organisational Development professional, who supports businesses to embrace inclusive design therefore optimising performance, productivity and belonging. 

An effective Leader with a demonstrated history of working in a range of sectors, Nicci's strengths lie in building purposeful cultures, training and development, removing complexity, and streamlining processes.

Picture is of a middle aged woman with brown curly hair, wearing a blue top and looking into the distance.
About Nicci

Nicci's career had its foundations in social research, working on employee engagement surveys for multinational organisations. This insight led to her strong interest in listening to those at every level of the organisation when designing People systems and strategies.

Nicci has worked with the Professional Services, Education, Tech, Allied Health, Manufacturing, and Community Service sectors and is quick to adapt to unfamiliar industries and business environments.

She earned a Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology and Political Science), and accredited certificates in Narrative Coaching, Mindfulness, Human Resources, Training and Education and Business.

She is also an accredited REACH Facilitator and a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

"I have had my strengths described as the 'Nicci Magic' which relates to my ability to really listen, hear, and understand a person's experience.

My happy place is when I'm training teams and providing tools to increase individuals' performance and enjoyment of their work and workplace.  I'm passionate about creating workplaces that foster a kinder world.

I strive to dispel the notion that neurodivergent neurotypes are something to be "fixed". This only leads to misunderstanding and stigma and is harmful on many levels. It also results in businesses missing out on significant talent!

Creating workplaces that support all employees to thrive is both a business imperative and ethically the right thing to do."

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