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The Neurodiverse Business

Supporting your HR & Employee Relations needs within a framework of Neurodiversity

Audir has a strong track record in supporting businesses of all sizes in developing their people capabilities. From the nuts and bolts of compliance, administration, and systems; through to leading cultural transformation.

Whether you choose to outsource your Human Resources initiatives completely or need assistance with specific projects, our Senior HR Consultants can support you and your business.

  • Neurodiversity Consulting

  • HR Strategy, Systems and Support

  • NDIS HR Governance Support

  • Learning and Development


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Neurodiversity Consulting

Audir listens to leaders, managers and employees to develop high-performance businesses that embrace the value of truly diverse cultures.  We provide strategic guidance and tools to design inclusive workplaces through:

  • Culture and Retention Strategies

  • Systems, Policies and Procedures

  • Workplace Support and Accommodations

  • Learning and Development


Please contact us to discuss your needs.

HR Strategy, Systems and Support for SMEs

SME’s employ 70% of Australia’s workforce (Source: Reserve Bank of Australia) and we are on a mission to ensure that neurodivergent employees are understood, valued, and effectively leveraged to optimise business outcomes.

We love working with values-aligned businesses to develop empowering cultures for their teams and enjoy celebrating with our clients as they grow! Whether you choose to outsource your Human Resources initiatives completely or need assistance with specific projects, our Senior HR Consultants can support you and your business through:

  • Implementing systems, policies and procedures to support compliance

  • Attraction, Recruitment and Retention strategies

  • Dealing with underperformance and misconduct

NDIS HR Governance Support

We support a range of Allied Health businesses to implement policies, procedures and systems that align with the NDIS Core Module Practice Standards. We have also created an NDIS Verification Package to support those providing low-risk supports.

Engaging Audir 

Your Strategic HR Partner 

As your employee numbers increase, so does the need to align your business strategy with a clear People Strategy. 

Without this strategic approach, your business may be impacted through: 

  • Non-compliance with Fair Work legislation and the legal and financial implications of this. 

  • Lack of employee engagement and retention, loss of business knowledge and the resulting impact on achieving business outcomes. 

  • The hidden costs of employee turnover (dependent on the role and your business, this cost is between 33% to 150% of the employee’s annual income). 

  • In areas of skills shortages, the business opportunity cost while searching for employees. 


As your strategic HR Partner, we work with you to integrate best-practice HR strategies and systems with your business vision, values and Strategic Plan. 

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With a focus on building the foundations of your business, we implement an HR Information System that alleviates the HR Administrative burden and supports legislative compliance, through the provision of done-for-you contracts of employment, policies, and employee records management. 

We then build the “pillars” of your HR strategy, working with you to create a Culture that embraces neurodiversity and drives employee engagement and retention. 


Throughout this process, we measure your Return On Investment (something that we love celebrating with our clients!). 


Tapping into potential 

Our approach embraces the value of tapping into your employees’ potential to successfully deliver your business outcomes. We incorporate the REACH learning system, which provides benchmarking and awareness tools through: 

  • Culture surveys 

  • Candidate and Employee Relating and Achievement profiles 

  • 360 feedbacks 

  • Training Needs Analysis 

  • Coaching Guides 

  • A suite of core employability skills training programs 

Your HR Partner


Ad hoc HR Support 

For those requiring HR support on an as-needs basis, we provide a competitive hourly-rate service. 


HR Information System 

We partner with Australian-based external providers to implement the most effective system for your business. This is billed by our partners directly to you and indicative costs (exclusive of GST) are: 


Set-up: $500 (one-off cost) 

Ongoing: $7.50 per employee, per month (minimum 15 employees) 

Foundations of a Great Place to Work for growing businesses



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