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"Diverse Minds At Work" training series

  • Increase understanding of Neurodiversity throughout your workplace so that individuals can understand their colleagues' needs and also articulate their own. Nicci is a facilitator who combines her lived experience with evidence-based information, underpinned by an understanding of the commercial realities of business needs.

  • Delivered in a range of formats, including: "lunch and learn's", online or in-person workshops, individual and group sessions.

  • Current training in our Diverse Minds At Work (TM) series includes:


  • Online self-paced training

    • Neurodiversity: the value of thinking differently (available for purchase to embed on your in-house LMS, or through Audir's LMS)


  • Lunch and Learn

    • Neurodiversity at Work

    • Recruiting for Neurodiversity

    • The Neurodiversity paradigm shift in Health Care


  • Workshops (these can be delivered as in-person workshops, or as a series of webinars)

    • Understanding and supporting Neurodiversity (for Youth and Support Workers)

    • Leading Diverse Minds (for leaders at all levels of the business)

    • Neurodiversity and the Employee Lifecycle (for People and Culture practitioners)

Teale-coloured circle with text that reads: "Nicci takes the time to get to know individuals in the room and adapts her training based on their needs...I highly recommend Nicci to managers who want to value difference and get the best out of diverse teams." ~ Kari Sann - Monitoring, Evaluation and Organisational Performance Specialist.
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  • We work with employees and their managers to improve performance outcomes - creating a greater understanding of strengths, work styles, and support systems that enable the individual to thrive at work.

  • We coach neurodivergent entrepreneurs to build and lead strong, supportive and inclusive teams. This allows the Leader to focus on what they do best while being supported by a passionate and strengths-based team.

  • We care that neurodivergent career starters have a positive introduction to the world of work and provide coaching on strengths, self-awareness, and self-advocacy. We help to identify job fit and provide guidance on job-seeking and interview skills.

"Nicci has not only highlighted areas of my business that could be more streamlined, she has assisted me with identifying so many ways to create and enhance the company culture we want: one that is grounded in positive neurodivergent identity and culture. Nicci has guided me in many ways to be able to truly support my team while taking care of myself and the business I am building. Can't recommend her enough." - Kristy Forbes - inTune Pathways

Light blue-coloured circle with text that reads: "Nicci has understood my struggles and needs and has provided a bridge between myself and my employer to allow me to continue in my role. Nicci's expertise in neurodiversity is beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others." ~ Bonnie, Neurodivergent Coaching Client.
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Inclusive Design

Creating workplace communities which optimise performance, productivity and belonging.

  • We know – and research backs us up - that if you have diverse and inclusive workplaces, the input of a broader range of backgrounds and experiences enables more innovative outcomes and more effective problem solving

  • This leads to increased performance, productivity and better outcomes (it’s really a no-brainer!)

  • Greater inputs lead to more mutual benefit which has a multiplier effect on future outcomes.

If your organisation is ready to embrace this principle, we’re here to help you develop the frameworks and methodologies required to lead you to these outcomes.

We collaborate with the best in the biz Diversity, Equity and Inclusion thought leaders who have an established track record of success in this field.

Inclusive Design
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